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Casting Sofa #280: Robin Sanchez, Gerald Fabiani couch casting 2014-02-20 2:23
Liam Summers has an incredibly long, lean body. And he looks mighty awesome with a big ol' guitar cradled in his lap. twink solo 2011-06-07 2:34
It's A Free-For-All Outside Anal Crazy As They Trade Partners outdoor anal 2011-10-01 2:00
According to Gibson on the afternoon of August 4th, Officer Johnson and Officer Harrington Chocolate assaulted the younger younger guy during his weekly meeting. Gibson and the mov recordings obtained during a search of the offices by police confirmed the victims account of the incident. The 37 minute giant tape features two overly aggressive Parole Officers using their unlimited powers to force a younger younger guy into submission. Most disturbing of all, the tape clearly shows the officers placing illegal narcotics in the Parolees back pocket prior to searching him. This allowed the Officers to extort the younger younger guy and force him into erotic intercourse. man sexual 2012-08-16 2:04
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Fresh dark hunk Tyson Tyler introduces himself and jerks out a cum feed for the boys cum black 2013-06-12 5:01
Smooth blond mans Dylan Hall and Scotty Clarke begin off the day frolicking at the sand and end the day rolling around in the bedroom. The boys have a hot and steamy make out session before Scotty goes down on Dylan, sucking and sucking Dylan's extra big cock. Scotty is soon riding Dylan's dick reverse cowgirl, bouncing up and down like he is on a pogo stick. After giving Scotty a wonderful hammering the pair finish together with Dylan blowing his feed on Scotty's glory hole and Scotty blowing his feed all over himself. Starring: Dylan Hall, Scotty Clarke blond blowjob 2013-07-09 2:16
Casting Couch #173: Marius Mugler, Jordan couch casting 2014-02-20 3:43
'HF2' is the moment release from the power couple behind Barely Friction, Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond. The first disc is a collection of 5 individual games conceived and directed by Steve and Bruno featuring today's fascinating rising pornstars like Alexsander Freitas, Derrek Diamond, Alessio Romero, and Drake Jaden. The moment disc is the premiere of the Barely Friction Edge line of pro-am style shoots featuring screen tests with newcomers Tyler Murphy and Keiran as well as Steve and Bruno's hook-up with hunky favorite Remy Delaine in Australia. Over Three 1/2 hours of beautiful bizarre from Couples hunks who deliver on the screen or behind the scenes. This is a limited DVD run--when it is sold out it will no longer be available in DVD formatDisc One à  A collection of individual games directed by Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond for their studio Barely Friction. Game One à  Alessio Romero and Steve Cruz. Alessio Romero is taking a shower. He flexes his muscles and shows off his ink until he is joined by Steve Cruz.. They reshape sweet kisses exploring each other's hoes and erect barely cocks. Steve is first on his knees working Alessio's meat, and then he steps up on the bench to get his throbbing penis sucked by Alessio. The Couples hunks move the action to the divan where Alessio goes to job warming up Steve's furry dark cunt for fucking. Steve jumps Alessio's barely penis in ecstasy until Alessio flips him over and drives it barely into his fuzzy bubble butt. Steve is now prepared to get several dark cunt for himself so Alessio sticks his muscle anal cunt out and received it like a man. Steve pounds him barely until he sucks his gigantic feed all over Alessio's ass. They lie back on the divan so Steve may help Alessio job out his own beautiful load. The Couples hunks curl up together exhausted and satisfied. Game 2 à  Drake Jaden and Brandon X. The sexy chemistry is intense between Drake Jaden and Brandon X. As the Couples inked and muscled coeds hunks kiss and explore each other's barely bodies. Brandon is first on his knees to job over Drake's gigantic penis slurping and swallowing until Drake is prepared to deepthroat gagging Brandon's meat. Next, Brandon is on his back with his legs in the air as Drake rims his dark cunt to prepare it for fucking. He spreads Brandon's enormous muscled legs and plunges his penis deepthroat in his beautiful hole. The attraction is obvious as the Couples beautiful hunks kiss, and stare into each other's eyes as they flood harder and harder. Drake is prepared for penis and jumps Brandon's penis until he sucks his load. He then sucks Brandon's slabs until he shoots beautiful male jizz all over his chest.Scene Three à  Bruno Bond and Tony Vega. Bruno Bond is dressed, sitting down and waiting for Tony Vega who walks into the bedroom anal cunt naked. They kiss as Bruno plays with his tan, furry butt. Tony straddles Bruno, his gigantic uncut penis erect hard. Bruno begins to lick and suck, playing with the foreskin. Tony delighted the attention, but then wants to see more of Bruno. He begins to unbutton his shirt, revealing his muscled, hirsute chest. He then unzips Bruno's jeans, pulls out his erect barely penis and hungrily gobbles it down. Bruno picks up Tony and moves him over to the divan so he may better his dark cunt for fucking. He licks and tongue fucks the beautiful dude anal cunt until he is prepared to plunge his barely penis into Tony's hirsute hole. Bruno pounds Tony's bubble anal cunt working up a beautiful feed that he shoots all over Tony's balls. Tony blasts his own gigantic feed all over his chest.Scene 4 à  Derrek Diamond and Berke Banks. Berke Banks and Derrek Diamond are kissing on the sofa. Derrek rubs his hand down Berke's furry chest to find the bulge of his long, barely penis pressing against the fabric of his shorts. He frees the gigantic penis and slams it down his throat. Derrek is down on his knees swallowing and swallowing as Berke lies back and delighted the service from this beautiful dude next door. Derrek then stands up on the divan so Berke may job over his own gigantic meat. Macho, bearded Berke sucks Derrek's penis until he is prepared to screw that gigantic bubble butt. Derrek is pleased to be plunged by this hirsute Father and gives it up doggie style as well as on his back with his dark cunt in the air. Berke pounds a massive feed right out of the coeds guy that he sprays all over his chest. Berke pulls out and coats Derrek with another feed of his own male juice. Game 5 à  Alexsander Freitas and Vic Kovac. Sweet Ukrainian, Vic Kovac, is lying on his stomach reading a book with his naked dark cunt uncover against the white sheets. Inked, Brazilian muscle guy Alexsander Freitas walks into the room. Vic reaches up and runs his hand down Alex's ripped, furry abs. The Couples kiss and fall back on the divan caressing each other's hoes as the roll back and forth across the sheets. Alex rips off Vic's dress as the passion builds. Vic is erect barely and may sense Alex's barely penis pressing against his shorts. He frees Alex's penis so he may taste it himself. Alex face fucks Vic knowing his dark cunt is next. Vic is shortly on his back with his legs in the air being screwed by the dominant Brazilian. Alex wants even more of Vic's dark cunt and turns him around to screw him from behind. Alex is relentless and Vic likes it! Alex lies back and insatiable Vic climbs up and jumps his barely penis until he is prepared to jet his load. Alex follows right afterward with his own gigantic load. The Couples sweaty hunks lie back, kissing, exhausted and satisfied.Disc Couples à  The first collection of games directed by Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond for the new Barely Friction Edge line shot in a more pro-am style. All games on this disc were filmed on location in Australia.Scene One à  Tyler Murphy, Bruno Bond and Steve Cruz.. Tyler Murphy has tracked down Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond on their trip to Sydney. Of learning Steve and Bruno demand out the sexy, coeds Irishman up to their hotel, stripped him down and got him in their divan where they quizzed the smiling, blue-eyed male about the type of dudes that he likes and his sexy adventures in Sydney. Bruno warms Tyler up for his first sex jet by kissing him and swallowing on his barely cock. Bruno rims his hirsute dark cunt before sliding on a condom and plunging deepthroat into his willing hole. The desire and attraction is intense on Tyler's face as he looks up at Bruno while his dark cunt is taking pounded. Steve is now prepared for his turn at Tyler's dark cunt and fucks him barely until he sucks his feed all over Tyler's nuts. Bruno is back to flood Tyler until he sucks his gigantic feed all over his stomach. Bruno pulls out and shoots his own male jizz all over the beautiful coeds stud.Scene 2 à  Remy Delaine, Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond. When Bruno and Steve sense out they were traveling to Sydney, they knew that they had to meet up with Remy Delaine. The three had a dinner together and Bruno and Steve demand Remy back to their hotel for dessert. Remy started his career in sex as a smooth coeds man. He is now very muscled, hirsute and even more masculine. Bruno received several images of Remy wanking his thick, uncut penis as Steve films them. Bruno joins Remy on the divan and they kiss as Steve plays with Remy's cock. Steve passes the video photo to Bruno as Remy sucks Steve's barely penis and eats his hirsute hole. They trade back so Remy may leave to job on Bruno's cock. Next, it is Remy's turn to film as Steve and Bruno job on his gigantic penis together. Remy lies back as Steve sits down and jumps his penis in ecstasy until he shoots his load. Satisfied, he received the video photo back and films Remy pounding Bruno's hirsute dark cunt until both hunks blow their loads together.Scene Three à  Keiran and Bruno Bond. Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond are on the beach in Sydney , Australia where they meet smiling guy Keiran sporting a gigantic bulge in his board shorts. They invite him back to their hotel room, strip him down to his pants and quiz him about what type of dudes that he like and his sexy exploits around Sydney. When his pants arrive off, we watch his penis grow larger and larger until it is erect barely and pointing up above his navel. Keiran shows off and masturbates his massive penis until Bruno can't take it anymore and has to get a taste for himself. He takes as a lot down his gagging as he may take. This penis is almost three fists tall! Keiran face fucks and slaps Bruno with his gigantic penis until he shoots a massive feed on Bruno's face and 2013-04-11 2:59
I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into Johnathan. His tight little body is roofed in tattoos, he's ripped, and he's an uncut hunk which I dig. He's used to screwing with other gay male white boys but he's now graduating to dark lions. I knew I would have to demolish him in easily since I could watch fear in his eyes but he fast transformed into a dark cock pumper. Both of his hands hardly roofed my pulsating dark cock as he spanked my dick. I could watch his muscles flexing as his hands went up and down and it wouldn't be too long before his hands were able to get a load of cum blasted onto my belly. I wanna fuck this white boy next time and I can just hope my dark yeardstick doesn't tear his ass apart. ass fuck 2012-05-21 2:29
Office pranks office 2013-05-21 1:22
Lance Luciano is expecting his cool secretary and does nothing to hide his surprise when Rocco Reed introduces himself. Being an equal opportunity employer, he allows Rocco to grasp the first job advancement step by letting him blowjob that big head cock. Only for good measure, he puts it in Rocco's tight hole and pounds it hard. hard cock 2013-02-04 1:21
Casting Sofa #102: Kurt Rogers, Yuji couch casting 2014-02-20 1:24
Matthew Rush, Seth Knight in Knight Sweats knight rush 2011-02-03 1:39
The action in our newest Thug Orgy continues in bit 2 of this five-man swallow and fuck team up. There's not many fierce nipple-tweaking and oral satisfying going on throughout, and it's guaranteed to make you want to slobber your computer screens in lust. fuck sucking 2012-07-09 2:00
For this week at Thugzilla and newcomer Kannon are at the local apartment improvement store looking for some help painting the crib. They discover a hot whiteboy named Issac who is eager to help them "paint". They get back to the crib and they get to work...on eachother instead of the painting. When Issac received their big african cocks into his mouth the painting is all but forgotten about. Issac works their african dicks in his mouth for awhile and then hops right on, or should I say down on Thugzilla's stiff african cock. From there there's some fine stiff buttfucking and then Issac gets his face painted. I knew at some point the painting would get done. home hard 2012-01-23 2:30
Nubius has Brock tied up to play with until Marc finds out play tied 2012-08-02 2:00
Hot "straight" army dude William Brooklyn is sent to watch "Doctor" Sebastian for a medical check-up with a difference. Sebastian can't wait to get him out of his army gear and stripped naked on his bed. It's not long till that fat dick is erect barely and waiting for action. The sweet Dr gives him pretty chief and masturbates his boymeat until he jizzes his creamy load. Looks like this "straight" boy could be on the turn! rock hard 2012-10-24 2:00
The way Brock fucks Aiden down (and gives him a creamy facial), these two no doubt worked up an appetite! fuck facial 2012-06-17 5:04
Ace Lockheart has a snotty attitude, so daddy, TJ Wood needs to wipe that smug look off his face with some serious spanks to the boy's smooth bottom. The young, ungrateful gay boy is in for a rude awakening. face serious 2011-09-27 1:48
If we give Bryan Slater enough attitude like Ryan Sharp, will he teach us a lesson, too? teach lesson 2012-03-29 2:35
Michael Too...Our boi Michael is back for more. It seems that once these wild bum white boys get a taste of some seriously big, dark penis they can't be satisfied by anything else. In this action Michael is treated to pair big, dark thug studs who have altogether what he craves...big, hard, dark penis times two. hard cock 2012-01-23 1:49
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sharp young young gay man sean whips out his plump uncut penis and jerks himself taking rock hard and ready to suck his sharp creamy feed all over the place rock hard 2012-06-21 3:10
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Casting Couch #286: Milos Zambo, David Kadera couch casting 2014-02-20 1:40
The sweaty tales of Los Angeles continue in this second installment of Welcome to LA. This time Justin Owen is off to his first interview in Burbank. He practices his lines outside for the fresh action movie, FUSE. He feels prepared and confident. He walks into anal hardcore 2013-10-11 3:17
Casting Couch #285: Robin Sanchez, Diesel O'Green couch casting 2014-02-20 2:04
Casting Sofa #69: Alex Ferrari, Vito couch casting 2014-02-20 1:13
Buck Philips and Tanner Reeves are stiff looking homo bears with vigorous dicks that they both enjoy slurping. After a long, tiring day, hardworking homo bears Buck Philips and Tanner Reeves decided to reward themselves by giving each other a nice blowjob. cock rod 2012-02-07 3:00
What happens when 3 sharp boys Jamie Sanders, Ian Levine and Evan Parker all live together? Jamie Sanders gets meat from both ends obviously. Ian Blowjobs off Evan, Evan Blowjobs Ian and Jamie the greedy little cock slut that he is gives boss to Evan and Ian. Jamie the newest Helix model also gets fucked ragged by both Ian and Evan. Check out all the licking and screwing in this stellar cool Helix Studios threesome. Starring: Evan Parker, Ian Levine, Jamie Sanders blond blowjob 2013-05-27 2:30
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Horrible master Mitch Vaughn wasn't impressed when he caught his assistant, Kyler Moss, ogling the fresh guy at the office. gay caught 2012-07-07 5:04 boys gift THREEWAYS FUCKER 07:54 men fuck 2013-11-01 7:54
This wayward Latino twink will know not to break the law again after this punishment! twink latin 2014-11-26 3:31
JP gets down to service Mitch's brutal stick before he impales himself and rides it. hard cock 2012-05-02 5:03
Last time I saw Chad here he was complaining about not many problems he was having with his throat but today was a different case. He was having not many pains in his abdomen and really wanted me to check it out for him. throat really 2012-08-06 2:30
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Flaming fine Black hammer enters his super buddies bedroom and has the "fuck all" mentality and a raging hard hammer just aching to penetrate his super friend's sweet, tight, warm, sloppy and throbbing Latino ass! hard cock 2012-01-13 4:00
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Smutty and sexually aroused emo gay boy shows off his slim stem with an confident adult appeal sure to get your palms wet. He whips out his colossal cock then grabs keep and takes it for a tour. See as he jerks his manly dick until his milky white Creampie squirts out confident hard 2012-06-21 3:00
Hung turned on military officer finds a turned on Brazil twink to take his load. men twink 2012-01-24 2:15
William Martin is tied up & may hardly reach his hard cock cock stiff 2012-03-16 2:00
Yes Officer officer 2013-05-16 1:26
Whenever Spencer Todd a/k/a "The Purple Rocket" is on the proverbial BSB bed, a big ass will be busted. Today he's paired with Denver Grand, who is every single day a beat away from a smile or joke. bed beat 2012-08-06 2:30
Parker takes double helpings when Anthony and Jasper both arrive to work his meat! meat double 2013-05-17 1:58
Braden Klien wants to give Julian Smiles a present for all his help around the office, but a holiday hookup is more what he had in mind! give company 2011-12-25 2:35

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Sean and Drake on the bed going wild, doing out and grabbing each others fat pricks taking rock hard rock hard 2011-06-10 3:00
Reed jerks his college man cock for bucks at Young Dudes. cock dude 2012-02-09 2:15
The boarding university young dudes are back for part brace of Helix Academy! Smooth gay man Casey Tanner heats up this segment by sucking senior stud Kellan Parker until the pretty jock is so sexually aroused he fucks the sassy frat behind school. Kellan pummels Casey with his big veiny stick and all the young man may do is keep on to a tree and pray he isn't split in half by the raging boner. Once again, young voyeur Jessie Montgomery finds himself watching the pretty sexyal action from afar. When stick slut Casey spies Jessie, the cool man is at the end able to join the sexy fun as Casey blows his virgin man stick to entire off this pretty installment of Helix Academy. Starring: Casey Tanner, Kellan Parker, Jessie Montgomery blond blowjob 2013-05-29 2:45
The clip begins with pair young dudes getting a pleasure a good picnic. Things got heated up and they started making out. Michael tops John while John stroked his pecker and agreed to catch off their jeans and swallow each other's dick and squirt clean jizz all over their mugs. dick outdoor 2012-02-07 3:00
This week at we bring you a perfect old fashioned 2 on one. Thugzilla, Casanova and Zidane meet up at the fill pad and get right down to business. Thugzilla wastes no time and starts barking orders to the whiteboy to get down and suck their dicks...which he obediantly does. Thugzilla must really be in the mood for some tight white anus coz before you know it he's got guy bent over and dildos his big black cock right up his anus while he's still sucking the other hard black cock. hard cock 2012-01-23 2:30
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Spunk rat Dustin Michaels sits down for a special behind-the-scenes meting on the set of his new movie Southern Pride and talks about appearing on screen with such spunks as Austin Wilde and Gio Summers. Pleased boy! lucky special 2012-07-08 2:00
Sleeping Boy Gets Milked milking 2011-05-11 2:59
Tide twink boi, Chris Kingston joins this week at Sexually studs Dee Truth and Moni also join us to stick it to Chris. He admits that he's never really had a stick bigger than about seven inches but says he's down to take some big, black cock. Dee Truth and Moni are ready to put him to the test. Chris has no problems at all taking all that black dick in him lips and down his deepthroat but let's see what happenes when they bend him over and it's time to earn his keep. cock dick 2012-01-23 2:24
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Travis Groves is in the mood to groove, and boy he does prove that he's got all the right jerks off to get the business done. See this smooth young gay man bring himself to a sticky finish in our 8teenboy solo. Starring: Travis Groves job twink 2012-05-30 2:26
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Derrek Laid Back Enjoys The Warm Tongue Of Vince On His Dick dick warm 2012-02-07 2:00
Leo James is back and as horny as ever. But this time Sebastian Kane is using Leo's sex hungry libido to his advantage. Sebastian brings Leo closer and closer to the edge, teasing him and doing him keep back his eruption. Leo wriggles and squirms to try and get away but with heavy restraints and Sebastian's hold, there is no way he is receiving off that easy. When Leo is finally allowed to shoot his load, you can expect absolutely the creamy explosion. cum heavy 2011-09-06 2:00
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When twenty-year old Max Morgan isn't surfing in San Diego or working on his goal of becoming a doctor, he's feeding his intense sexual appetite on camera! twink solo 2011-11-15 2:33
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Gabriel Clark Breaks In Lorenzo 2012-07-12 3:00
Two of the hottest young guys on the scene, and BoyCrush exclusives, Kyler Moss & Ryan Sharp flip-fuck in this week's update! hard fuck 2011-10-28 2:33
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Sean Wade...What a sexy name, it rolls off your mouth so smoothly, only like his mouth roll smoothly over the enormous dark studs gorgeous stick and nipples. It sounds like suede and he's only as plush and soft and our dark stud takes finish advantage of this oppurtunity to fully tear him up! cock sexy 2012-01-23 1:46
Today BSB proposes a Gay male Pride treat: studio stalwarts Jason and Denver. You''ll be hard pressed to discover two models who garner as much enthusiasm. hard gay 2012-08-06 2:30
Jake and Jimmy are in bed together and they are up to all sorts of fun. Jake Blowjobs cock, then, received fucked to within an inch of his life! cock fuck 2012-08-06 2:30
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Have we got several cool fresh twink recruits for you. The army seems to be the game for cool young guys to hook-up in this video, as three military mans start a scorching cool threeway. Seeing the slim cool buttocks man of the group get hammered is going to have you blowing in no time. men group 2012-07-08 2:00
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The tattooed tool of Logan McCree is at it again in this fresh one-on-one with Alexy Tyler. The European gay man shoves his hot penis deepthroat into Alexy's twat and Alexy looks so stunning lying back taking it all inside him as his ripped abs flex in response to the deepthroat anal. cock inside 2012-08-23 2:00
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Colby has performed terribly for his recital and now he needs to pay the price. pay spank 2010-04-28 2:00
Prepare yourself for a steamy cop act as these tough cops leave wild and frisky in the locker room. Blake Andres and Joe Romero are stud police officers enjoying a cool quickie at the locker room. Watch them leave down on each other and get their asses rammed. cock ass 2012-02-07 3:00
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Brandon Lewis, Brenn Wyson in Stiff Times hard 2012-06-01 1:35
Horny and hardly stud for pay Miko cums like crazy. hard gay 2011-05-10 3:00
Palet wrap isn't something we have seen on BoyNapped, but sexy Max Brown wears black plastic so well. Wrapped like a bit of meat, Max has but a petite glory to breath from as Sebastian pulls his hard stick through a second hole. Nuts roped, bucket in place, Sebastian empties over Five liters of water into the bucket which is held just by Max's spread balls. With bizzare and weight on his balls, amazingly, Max is still shoots his sticky load before pleading for his situation to end. hard dick 2012-09-21 2:00
He's joined by his sexy man and they spend the time until Micah can punch the clock locked in lusty hardcore. ass sexy 2011-05-20 2:36
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