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After the Curly Angels took turns breaking Max in on his European vacation, Max decided to catch a small stroll outside his house to do several exploring. He'd also heard from the Bel Ami boys that he might discover someone "familiar" biking around the garden if he kept his eyes open, so of learning he was nosey to see who that might be. After a several short minutes, Max spotted the guy in question -- Bel Ami hotshot Jim Kerouac! The brace kept doing eye contact before Jim biked up to Max to strike up a conversation. They both recognized each other from the industry, but meeting in guy was a different thing entirely. The brace hit it off immediately and then decided to go back to the house for several one-on-one action. Jim has a monster cock and Max was more than happy to catch the whole thing. After his explosive orgy with the Curly Angels, Max was glad to have several intimacy with only 1 other guy. And not only a guy, but a Bel Ami star he'd idolized! Max's words to Jim after it was all over? "You're better in real life." cock fuck 2013-03-13 1:16
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