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According to Gibson on the afternoon of August 4th, Officer Johnson and Officer Harrington Chocolate assaulted the younger younger guy during his weekly meeting. Gibson and the mov recordings obtained during a search of the offices by police confirmed the victims account of the incident. The 37 minute giant tape features two overly aggressive Parole Officers using their unlimited powers to force a younger younger guy into submission. Most disturbing of all, the tape clearly shows the officers placing illegal narcotics in the Parolees back pocket prior to searching him. This allowed the Officers to extort the younger younger guy and force him into erotic intercourse. man sexual 2012-08-16 2:04
The first installment of Helix Academy is finally here and in the scene premier we are introduced to blond bombshell Jessie Montgomery beginning his studies at The Academy. Hunky gay man Evan Parker shows Jessie the ropes around campus and after a busy first day the shy coeds is ready for several rest. That's never going to happen when athletic stallion Evan asks out hot frat schoolboy Luke Allen over to their room for a small fun. Evan and Luke start really going at it, waking up Jessie who seems to enjoy the boy-on-boy show. These smooth and awesome boarding school twinks really know how to drill and are front and center in this hot new series. Starring: Evan Parker, Luke Allen, Jessie Montgomery, Dad Glenn blond blowjob 2013-05-27 2:07
It's easy to fall barely for this week's model. The second the camera starts rolling Max Flint's big smile fills the screen. hard camera 2012-08-06 2:30
Benton Place is not really a morning person. He spends a couple of hours tossing in couch before at last taking up to do his morning ritual. Here gay cub Benton Place welcomes the day by examining his hot macho body and treats his boner with a nice wank. gay couple 2012-02-07 3:00
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Focus / ReFocus is the single most ambitious project ever filmed by a Gay bro Porn Studio. Lavish sets, a colossal cast of drop-dead gorgeous studs, a directing team that has accumulated more awards than anything in history, innovative modern photo work, and a story as compelling as a Hollywood Blockbusterߧhese are just some of the elements that make this the MUST SEE sex film of the year. In an era of shrinking movies and scaled down projects, Directors Ben Leon, Tony Dimarco, and Chris Ward have created a triumph of giant studio sex that has instant vintage written across the cover! This is The Movie of The Year.The CastFocus / ReFocus features the talents of one of the hottest casts ever gathered for a single project. Two cool Raging Stallion exclusives game the lead roles࠯le Streets plays Joe Wilder, a sex-obsessed sex addict who drifts thru life in search of penis and David Taylor (current RSS Man of the Year) who plays Eddie, Joes hot boy and a bro with a swarthy and dangerous past. Steve Cruz , Bruno Bond, Ricky Sinz, Ryan Raz, Jason Crew round out the exclusives selected to appear in this film. Added to these are some of gay porns biggest superstarsࠤam Killian, Mitchel Rock and Brogan Reed. Pro actor Joe Wicht plays the non sex role of the police interrogator in a performance that rises above anything you have ever seen in a sex movie.The SexFocus / ReFocus is all about sex࠮e of the remarkable outerwear about this video is the use of P.O.V. footage. Coz the story line of the film features an amateur videographer shooting sex scenes, in addition to our main cameras, we gave the actors cameras to film themselves during some of the sex scenes. This footage is cross cut with our own HD cameras to create an all cool kind of porn. Its high-end and glossy, but reality sex at the same time. This is the biggest innovation to hit the sex industry in many years and it will have a lasting effect upon the industry. Watch it here first! The effect of what has been done with the POV footage is remarkable and cannot be missed.Brilliant pairings with super actors are the main source of heat throughout this movie. High points include a 2 way between Cole Streets and David Taylor (a solid contender for excellent sex scene at Award expose time), a 3 way with Steve Cruz, Adam Killian, and Ricky Sinz (where each guy screws each other and multiple sperm shots spray everywhere).The StoryFocus / ReFocus takes place at the intersection of Danger and Desire. This is an aged style Hollywood Movie Noir that tracks the story of Joe Wilder on a sexual adventure that ends in a very startling and unexpected way. hardcore 2013-04-11 2:59
In the dead of night Heath Jordan is banging his meat. His bunkmate Conner Habib can't sleep knowing his buddy is masturbate his meat just inches away. Conner asks what's happening over there and Heath tells him hes all worked up. One thing leads to another and Conner helps his buddy out with a sharp blow-job. Heath eats Conner's butt and then screws him doggie style. They switch too so Conner takes his turn jumping Heath's butt. Explosions follow as white sharp sperm fills the air! fuck sucking 2011-03-17 2:00
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It's been a long, sweaty rod of a summer but the moment you've been waiting for is finally here...Helix Academy is now back in session!!! The school year starts with Father Glenn up to his old tricks welcoming the cool fresh faced students to the Academy. This first installment features high school heartthrob Andy Taylor wanking in the middle of class while blondy cutie Scotty Clarke tries to fit in with his cool buddies by begging sweety jock Evan Parker to fuck him. Follow the sweet sound of school bells to discover out what kind of trouble these preppy merry males with get into next! Starring: Evan Parker, Scotty Clarke blond blowjob 2013-08-19 2:08
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