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Smooth blond mans Dylan Hall and Scotty Clarke begin off the day frolicking at the sand and end the day rolling around in the bedroom. The boys have a hot and steamy make out session before Scotty goes down on Dylan, sucking and sucking Dylan's extra big cock. Scotty is soon riding Dylan's dick reverse cowgirl, bouncing up and down like he is on a pogo stick. After giving Scotty a wonderful hammering the pair finish together with Dylan blowing his feed on Scotty's glory hole and Scotty blowing his feed all over himself. Starring: Dylan Hall, Scotty Clarke blond blowjob 2013-07-09 2:16
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'HF2' is the moment release from the power couple behind Barely Friction, Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond. The first disc is a collection of 5 individual games conceived and directed by Steve and Bruno featuring today's fascinating rising pornstars like Alexsander Freitas, Derrek Diamond, Alessio Romero, and Drake Jaden. The moment disc is the premiere of the Barely Friction Edge line of pro-am style shoots featuring screen tests with newcomers Tyler Murphy and Keiran as well as Steve and Bruno's hook-up with hunky favorite Remy Delaine in Australia. Over Three 1/2 hours of beautiful bizarre from Couples hunks who deliver on the screen or behind the scenes. This is a limited DVD run--when it is sold out it will no longer be available in DVD formatDisc One à  A collection of individual games directed by Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond for their studio Barely Friction. Game One à  Alessio Romero and Steve Cruz. Alessio Romero is taking a shower. He flexes his muscles and shows off his ink until he is joined by Steve Cruz.. They reshape sweet kisses exploring each other's hoes and erect barely cocks. Steve is first on his knees working Alessio's meat, and then he steps up on the bench to get his throbbing penis sucked by Alessio. The Couples hunks move the action to the divan where Alessio goes to job warming up Steve's furry dark cunt for fucking. Steve jumps Alessio's barely penis in ecstasy until Alessio flips him over and drives it barely into his fuzzy bubble butt. Steve is now prepared to get several dark cunt for himself so Alessio sticks his muscle anal cunt out and received it like a man. Steve pounds him barely until he sucks his gigantic feed all over Alessio's ass. They lie back on the divan so Steve may help Alessio job out his own beautiful load. The Couples hunks curl up together exhausted and satisfied. Game 2 à  Drake Jaden and Brandon X. The sexy chemistry is intense between Drake Jaden and Brandon X. As the Couples inked and muscled coeds hunks kiss and explore each other's barely bodies. Brandon is first on his knees to job over Drake's gigantic penis slurping and swallowing until Drake is prepared to deepthroat gagging Brandon's meat. Next, Brandon is on his back with his legs in the air as Drake rims his dark cunt to prepare it for fucking. He spreads Brandon's enormous muscled legs and plunges his penis deepthroat in his beautiful hole. The attraction is obvious as the Couples beautiful hunks kiss, and stare into each other's eyes as they flood harder and harder. Drake is prepared for penis and jumps Brandon's penis until he sucks his load. He then sucks Brandon's slabs until he shoots beautiful male jizz all over his chest.Scene Three à  Bruno Bond and Tony Vega. Bruno Bond is dressed, sitting down and waiting for Tony Vega who walks into the bedroom anal cunt naked. They kiss as Bruno plays with his tan, furry butt. Tony straddles Bruno, his gigantic uncut penis erect hard. Bruno begins to lick and suck, playing with the foreskin. Tony delighted the attention, but then wants to see more of Bruno. He begins to unbutton his shirt, revealing his muscled, hirsute chest. He then unzips Bruno's jeans, pulls out his erect barely penis and hungrily gobbles it down. Bruno picks up Tony and moves him over to the divan so he may better his dark cunt for fucking. He licks and tongue fucks the beautiful dude anal cunt until he is prepared to plunge his barely penis into Tony's hirsute hole. Bruno pounds Tony's bubble anal cunt working up a beautiful feed that he shoots all over Tony's balls. Tony blasts his own gigantic feed all over his chest.Scene 4 à  Derrek Diamond and Berke Banks. Berke Banks and Derrek Diamond are kissing on the sofa. Derrek rubs his hand down Berke's furry chest to find the bulge of his long, barely penis pressing against the fabric of his shorts. He frees the gigantic penis and slams it down his throat. Derrek is down on his knees swallowing and swallowing as Berke lies back and delighted the service from this beautiful dude next door. Derrek then stands up on the divan so Berke may job over his own gigantic meat. Macho, bearded Berke sucks Derrek's penis until he is prepared to screw that gigantic bubble butt. Derrek is pleased to be plunged by this hirsute Father and gives it up doggie style as well as on his back with his dark cunt in the air. Berke pounds a massive feed right out of the coeds guy that he sprays all over his chest. Berke pulls out and coats Derrek with another feed of his own male juice. Game 5 à  Alexsander Freitas and Vic Kovac. Sweet Ukrainian, Vic Kovac, is lying on his stomach reading a book with his naked dark cunt uncover against the white sheets. Inked, Brazilian muscle guy Alexsander Freitas walks into the room. Vic reaches up and runs his hand down Alex's ripped, furry abs. The Couples kiss and fall back on the divan caressing each other's hoes as the roll back and forth across the sheets. Alex rips off Vic's dress as the passion builds. Vic is erect barely and may sense Alex's barely penis pressing against his shorts. He frees Alex's penis so he may taste it himself. Alex face fucks Vic knowing his dark cunt is next. Vic is shortly on his back with his legs in the air being screwed by the dominant Brazilian. Alex wants even more of Vic's dark cunt and turns him around to screw him from behind. Alex is relentless and Vic likes it! Alex lies back and insatiable Vic climbs up and jumps his barely penis until he is prepared to jet his load. Alex follows right afterward with his own gigantic load. The Couples sweaty hunks lie back, kissing, exhausted and satisfied.Disc Couples à  The first collection of games directed by Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond for the new Barely Friction Edge line shot in a more pro-am style. All games on this disc were filmed on location in Australia.Scene One à  Tyler Murphy, Bruno Bond and Steve Cruz.. Tyler Murphy has tracked down Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond on their trip to Sydney. Of learning Steve and Bruno demand out the sexy, coeds Irishman up to their hotel, stripped him down and got him in their divan where they quizzed the smiling, blue-eyed male about the type of dudes that he likes and his sexy adventures in Sydney. Bruno warms Tyler up for his first sex jet by kissing him and swallowing on his barely cock. Bruno rims his hirsute dark cunt before sliding on a condom and plunging deepthroat into his willing hole. The desire and attraction is intense on Tyler's face as he looks up at Bruno while his dark cunt is taking pounded. Steve is now prepared for his turn at Tyler's dark cunt and fucks him barely until he sucks his feed all over Tyler's nuts. Bruno is back to flood Tyler until he sucks his gigantic feed all over his stomach. Bruno pulls out and shoots his own male jizz all over the beautiful coeds stud.Scene 2 à  Remy Delaine, Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond. When Bruno and Steve sense out they were traveling to Sydney, they knew that they had to meet up with Remy Delaine. The three had a dinner together and Bruno and Steve demand Remy back to their hotel for dessert. Remy started his career in sex as a smooth coeds man. He is now very muscled, hirsute and even more masculine. Bruno received several images of Remy wanking his thick, uncut penis as Steve films them. Bruno joins Remy on the divan and they kiss as Steve plays with Remy's cock. Steve passes the video photo to Bruno as Remy sucks Steve's barely penis and eats his hirsute hole. They trade back so Remy may leave to job on Bruno's cock. Next, it is Remy's turn to film as Steve and Bruno job on his gigantic penis together. Remy lies back as Steve sits down and jumps his penis in ecstasy until he shoots his load. Satisfied, he received the video photo back and films Remy pounding Bruno's hirsute dark cunt until both hunks blow their loads together.Scene Three à  Keiran and Bruno Bond. Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond are on the beach in Sydney , Australia where they meet smiling guy Keiran sporting a gigantic bulge in his board shorts. They invite him back to their hotel room, strip him down to his pants and quiz him about what type of dudes that he like and his sexy exploits around Sydney. When his pants arrive off, we watch his penis grow larger and larger until it is erect barely and pointing up above his navel. Keiran shows off and masturbates his massive penis until Bruno can't take it anymore and has to get a taste for himself. He takes as a lot down his gagging as he may take. This penis is almost three fists tall! Keiran face fucks and slaps Bruno with his gigantic penis until he shoots a massive feed on Bruno's face and 2013-04-11 2:59
In this familiar scene, Kirk Cummings ups the amazing factor in an interrogation. John Magnum succumbs to Kirk's charm and screws him in every position he can. drill my hole 2012-05-24 1:49
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Lance Luciano is expecting his cool secretary and does nothing to hide his surprise when Rocco Reed introduces himself. Being an equal opportunity employer, he allows Rocco to grasp the first job advancement step by letting him blowjob that big head cock. Only for good measure, he puts it in Rocco's tight hole and pounds it hard. hard cock 2013-02-04 1:21
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John Magnum takes a crack from his political planning conference call to african proposition the bedroom service boy, Rocco Reed. Unable to resist anyone with political power, Rocco immediately submits and the men start kissing, swallowing and then taking turns drilling each others bubble butts! cock fuck 2013-01-20 1:27
Cute and horny Jaymie love masturbate his monster cock and pretty every moment, With his own cock he starts to wank it while toying his tight ass vagina on his bedroom. cock ass 2011-12-12 2:13
Another Bath bedroom fun, this time featuring Marcio Rosa, Guilherme Schuck and Pablo Picaco. The fun begins when the mans grab off their clothes and begins stroking their rods. In a short time they all got turned on and grope each other's boner to work it with their mouths. ass rod 2012-02-07 3:00
These Cowboys live in a man's world, where their day is long, sweaty, and hot. When they have a minute of down time with their stud studs, their sexual instincts take over and they satisfy each other in true cowboy fashion: boots in the air, ridin' hardcore and shooting far. A barn-side trio, the hairiest fuck series of the year and a reverse cowboy masterpiece and more, Cowboys, Bit Two will have you saying yee-haw. Scene 1: Adam Champ & Wilfried Knight Adam Champ and Wilfried Knight only have 1 last thing to do in the barn, but as they arrive the wooden structure, Wilfried is receiving few wood. He puts his arm around his stud furry cowboy and pats him on the ass. Adam has something similar on his mind and he immediately stars doing out with Wilfried. Heavy petting of perfectly curly chests ensues. Adam received charge quickly and forces Wilfred to suck his thick, dark, uncut cock, his chest heaving as the Western sun nails down onto his sweaty body. Standing up on a stack of hay bales, Wilfried then pushes Adam's lips onto his uncut stick. It's not giant before Wilfried is on his knees receiving fingered by Adam before he exchanges fingers for his buxom part of meat, which Wilfried gladly pushes back on. Flipping over, Wilfried's boots are in the air and Adam is banging away. These Two have wanted to work together for years and when they begin to fuck they desert nuts in the hairiest, beefiest fuck series of the year that ends in giant loads of spunk fountain shooting out of Two uncut cocks. Scene 2: Colby Keller, Chris Porter & Tommy Defendi Colby Keller arrives on the tractor, only back from the fields to find Chris Porter resting and Tommy Defendi working on his truck. Colby wakes Chris from his nap by running his hand up Chris's leg. He begins kissing him and stoking what's under Chris's blue jeans. Colby's buxom hardcore meathook is out of his jeans quickly and Chris bends his head to swallow it up, and slobber on Colby's balls. Tommy is watching from a distance, but fixing the truck can wait for now. He heads over and begins doing out with Colby, then pulls his giant dipstick out. Chris begins going back and forth between the Two giant schlongs in his face, licking each 1 over and over. Colby gives back to Chris, slurping on his meathook while Chris received Tommy to the back of his throat. Spitting on and fingering Chris's tight hole, Colby warms it up so he can plow few ass, and dude does this farmer know how to plow. Chris is getting a giant meathook in the anus and 1 in the mouth, until his friends flip him over on his back and switch positions. Tommy's now delivering the sucks to Chris's glory with his giant tool until Chris unloads onto his stomach, leading Tommy to send streams of spunk fountain shooting out his cock, hitting Chris in the face, inspiring Colby to drop a buxom load. Scene 3: Jesse Santana & Lawson Kane Jesse Santana returns to the barn from a giant day on the range. Lawson Kane helps him stable his horse, and then they get to doing out. These cowboys are restless and they rub each other and kiss to the point of total excitement. Clothes begin to fly off and Jesse can't wait to suck on what might be the biggest meat in porn, Lawson's cane. Jesse opens wide and slurps down on the super-humongous cock. Lawson penetrates Jesse's lips and then eats out his sexy ass, preparing him for a reverse cowboy rodeo. Riding the giant meathook like it's his trusty steed, Jesse's glory engulfs Lawson's prick. There is something sexy about to cowboys slamming on bales of hay. It's been happening for hundreds of years! These cowboys are both exhibitionists. They get off on the event that you are at home, your hand around your cock, watching them have the super porno of their lives. In a stunning reverse cowboy position, they fuck until they can extremely stand up! Its powerful porno that will leave you exhausted.....exhausted but happy! Jesse's eager glory jumps Lawson's stiff pole like a champion bouncing feverishly until he received on all fours letting Lawson desert to town with punishing thrusts that Jesse welcomes with passionate groans that bring to a finish earth-shaking cumshot shooting onto a saddle that Jesse licks up. Lawson lays back and jerks giant sprays out of his stunning cock. Scene 4: Leo Forte & Aybars Cow hand Leo Forte, is practicing his whip prowess next to the barn. Aybars approaches and lays his lips on Leo. The doing out leads to cowboy Aybars' stiff staff emerging from his jeans. Leo is down on it instantaneously, and Aybars feeds Leo's deepthroat and slams the rock hardcore meathook against his face when it's out of those wet Latin lips. Strings of Leo's drool fly as Aybars relentlessly jams his meathook down Leo's esophagus. The sculpted and furry Turkish cowboy rams Leo, who braces himself on few hay bales, generating moans of ecstasy from Leo. It's not giant before Leo's on his back, boots in the air and Aybars is aggressively jamming every inch deeper. The animalistic growls from both hunks tell you they're having the time of their lives. Then Aybars really received charge and penetrates the fuck out of his bottom-Leo, reduced to an porno hungred part of porno meat. Extra big spunk fountain shots at the finish let you all know that a good time was had by all. Leo received up and walks away, his anus still quivering as he sets off in search of another top. outdoor muscle 2013-04-11 2:00
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Rocco Reed is in need of a gorgeous ass pounding and with his pesky milf out of the way for a while, he logs into Adam4Adam's mobile application called Radar. After a some hurried messages with nearby Mike De Marko, a public hookup is arranged! When Mike enters the room, he sees Rocco's dick poking through a glory-hole hole and even though he's never seen his face, he received on his knees and sucks the erect hard boner. Rocco moves on to sucking Mike's handsome dick when they're joined by a third (Trevor Knight) and his 9 inch cock. Trevor is all best and he fucks both guys - up against a wall and then on a bench! fuck blowjob 2012-12-19 1:31
Jay Winter is house alone, his big slabs hoping as he spits into his hand and jerks off. He pops off a awesome load but he’s still horny so he invites Leo James over. The 2 younger Brits are immediately on the couch, kissing. Jay pulls out Leo’s already hard dick and the dick lusty bottom begins to service the wet piece of meat. Leo grabs a keep of Jay and pushes him down as far as he may go then begins to suck on Jay’s uncut fatty. The smooth and slim younger dudes take turns going down on each others big rods until Leo begins fingering Jay’s tight, hairy hole. Jay spreads his legs then straddles Leo and rides his dick all the way up and all the way down, until Leo decides to drive. He bends Jay over the side of the couch, lays into him, then flips him on his back and drills a minute load out of Jay. Leo then jerks off his uncut dick and bukkake into Jay’s sweet mouth. home hard 2012-08-23 1:58
Excited bully, Michael forces smart cutie, Nathan do his homework for him. When he finds him asleep on the job, he decides to discover out if he's as sweet at sucking dick as he is at writing essays. Turns out, Nathan takes an A+ at swallowing massive uncut dicks. We also discover out that he's quite the prodigy at bottoming as Lee mounts the tight bodied twink. Nathan is not such a nerd after all, but a nasty, porn craving pussy boy. Lee bangs the load right out of him, and he ends up with two loads worth of hot juice on his six pack. cock fuck 2010-10-17 2:31
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HR is sending up a cool assistant for Rocco Reed & Andrew Stark and when Tommy Defendi walks in, the twinks pull their cocks out. After putting both poles in his mouth, the butt drilling starts with both Tommy & Andrew taking it deep up the butt. cock ass 2012-12-28 1:05
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The smooth antics of Kyle Ross arrive complete Power when he meets Blake Elliott randomly out and about. Nobody can resist the Blondes hair and colossal brown eyes that Kyle has to offer, not to mention his sexy energy. This buddy fucker doesn't stop until he gets what he wants – Blake's tight young gay man hole. Starring: Kyle Ross, Blake Elliott tight sexual 2012-06-17 2:37
Pair buffed homosexuals were playing in the sheets, Sergio Natural and Raul Tasco are tough looking gay bears showing off their passion for sucking meaty dicks and plugging their asses. Here Raul plowed Sergio's butt while he frantically stroked his stiff boner. cock ass 2012-02-07 3:00
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Wow! This strip domino is something new. But what about a “blowjob domino” where the loser has to suck off the winner? Once the jeans of these nubile gay man Latinos slip down, their frat eager weenies desert out and their mouths close up around those quickly stiffening shafts. Are you prepared to play with them? cock eager 2013-03-27 3:00
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The boarding university young dudes are back for part brace of Helix Academy! Smooth gay man Casey Tanner heats up this segment by sucking senior stud Kellan Parker until the pretty jock is so sexually aroused he fucks the sassy frat behind school. Kellan pummels Casey with his big veiny stick and all the young man may do is keep on to a tree and pray he isn't split in half by the raging boner. Once again, young voyeur Jessie Montgomery finds himself watching the pretty sexyal action from afar. When stick slut Casey spies Jessie, the cool man is at the end able to join the sexy fun as Casey blows his virgin man stick to entire off this pretty installment of Helix Academy. Starring: Casey Tanner, Kellan Parker, Jessie Montgomery blond blowjob 2013-05-29 2:45
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Dodger and Chris are redoing the flooring throughout the house. Dodger comes into the garage and see Chris receiving a break. After counting the boxes that Chris bring in, Dodger realizes they are short. Since they won't be able to entire their project today Dodger has something else in mind they can business on. short house 2011-10-07 1:10
I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into Johnathan. His tight little body is roofed in tattoos, he's ripped, and he's an uncut hunk which I dig. He's used to screwing with other gay male white boys but he's now graduating to dark lions. I knew I would have to demolish him in easily since I could watch fear in his eyes but he fast transformed into a dark cock pumper. Both of his hands hardly roofed my pulsating dark cock as he spanked my dick. I could watch his muscles flexing as his hands went up and down and it wouldn't be too long before his hands were able to get a load of cum blasted onto my belly. I wanna fuck this white boy next time and I can just hope my dark yeardstick doesn't tear his ass apart. ass fuck 2012-05-21 2:29
Oh dear, I have a cool crush. It's lightly furry and utterly ripped new-cummer Zach Alexander. That hussy is simply amazing. Here he shares his Giant cock with Micah Andrew's hungry hole before showing off his versatility by being fucked by Chad Davis. A friend after my own heart. cock fuck 2012-07-08 2:00
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There go in a time in every gay male frat apartment when the mans have to admit they're gay, they're sharp and they're horny. Bobby Clark is the last younger stallion to give into this truth but doesn't catch much convincing as one of the fascinating Sperm Orgies yet breaks out with Four of's fascinating studs: Tommy Defendi, Mike De Marko and Micah Brandt. cock ass 2013-03-28 1:01
Alex Stevens, Matt Hughes and Philippe Delvaux meat up at a disco and the Three are in for a massive night of hot porn and rampant butt fucking. First, there’s Matt and his by-now infamous 11-inch monster cock. Czech superstar Alex and curly-haired Philippe exchange the huge slab of beef as they take turns licking on it. Alex received as much as he can before Philippe invades his willing ass. Even Matt received in on the dick sucking, his lips wrapped around Alex’s erect tough cock! Philippe received all Matt has to propose while screwing Alex and the semen showers in a short time begin! rock hard 2012-08-23 1:43
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There's not 1 but 2 asses in need of a deep fisting in this threeway extreme penetration hook-up between Ray, Matt and Jarod. Our teenies fister has his work cut out for him with his turned on dad bottoms, but even manages so 2 hand-in-one action. ass fisting 2013-04-08 2:00
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Crazy Chris Dano is at it again. He's really a kooky guy, and we mean that in a great way. Lately he's into this TV talk reveal host scenario, and when it includes gigantic black penis and a hot latino named Danny Lopez, who are we to argue? Even with his slipshot backstage crowd in the opening, this week's update is straight BlacksOnBoys. After tasting some black meat, Chris go in to the plate, and Danny, being a great bottom, takes Dano's 10 inch package in his lips without missing a beat. Then it's to the couch, where the BlacksOnBoys crowd catch bends reaming Danny's tight ass with their oversized dicks. The act wouldn't be finish without turning Danny's face into a juice target, and both make direct hits. You know the old saying applies here, too...practice makes perfect! Enjoy! ass perfect 2012-01-23 1:51

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Being a huge dicked dark cock slinger has its advantages. All the girls in my hood want me to take it out and damn with them but I ain't down with it. Nothing gets me going like tiny white boys who I may split in half should my dark stick discover its way up their asses. Part of the reason I love the local twink gloryhole is I may hold anonymous while my nuts end up in few white dude's mouth. I made my way there and heard few honky jacking his cock and it was confirmed when I peeked through the hole in the wall. I figured he could use few company so I stuck my dick in bouncing he wouldn't run like a bitch. My fears were erased when I feel his warm, little hands wrap around my dick followed by a warm, moist lips that had trouble taking all of me in. I was afraid I'd snap his jaw but I'd let whitey be in control for once. He kept sucking until I was ready to dirty him up with few dark nut sauce. I hope he cleaned up before leaving or he'd have a huge target on him for other dark guys. cock ass 2012-01-23 2:16
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Tyler Woods is having trouble deciding what to wear for prom, but Kyler Ash would many rather help him grasp his clothes OFF! fuck ride 2012-08-03 2:33
Oops..Chase Young died and didn't desert to heaven. Most unfortunately, his hell involves Jeff Sterne with a sin app that lists all of his unsavory acts. Stuck in a cage for all eternity, Chase is damned to an eternity of hardly spankings from Jeff Sterne's merciless paddle. He's left with a flaming pink bum and immeasurable regret. Starring: Jeff Sterne, Chase Young hard ass 2011-05-01 1:43
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